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THE personal trust community builder

Who is Mike Thorne?

When I was nine, my parents told me I was adopted, and it shattered my sense of identity and belonging. After that point, I believed being “perfect” was the only way to avoid rejection and abandonment. For years, I chose to trust only myself.

It was only through finding the people I felt I belonged with and could trust, through sports, work, friends, and family, that I was able to build my confidence and truly believe in my ultimate success. 

I call this group of people your personal trust community. In my own, my wife supports my emotional and social well-being. Father John supports my spiritual well-being. My personal trainer, Suzan, supports my physical well-being. They, along with several others, have helped me unleash my own greatness.

Seeing my own transformation using the help of my personal trust community spurred me to want to help others find their personal trust communities too.

I now help executives and individuals determine what’s holding them back, restore their dignity, and build personal trust communities in their lives and organizations to unleash their own greatness and achieve their goals.

My philosophy

What are personal trust communities?

Finding the people and places where you feel you belong changes the trajectory of your life. I call these people our “personal trust communities.”

Personal trust communities give you role models and people who believe in you—which can be the difference between achieving your potential and staying stuck in neutral without growing. 

They also give you people to lean on. Being able to rely on your community to push you past your perceived limitations and support you through difficult transformations is vital for your growth.

It’s what allows you to build.



Belong. Build. Believe. Every single thing we do begins here.

3 Key Pillars for personal trust communities


How do you bring your full self to life and work?

When we don’t feel like we belong, we don’t believe we can achieve our goals—even if our track record says differently. But when we have belonging and community as our foundation, we can transform our organizations and our lives.


How do you perform your best in all areas of your life?

Personal trust communities infuse our lives with meaning, support, and a sense of our own value. These give us a foundation of equity, self-worth, and vulnerability to propel our life’s work forward and build our greatest dreams.


How do you adopt a growth mindset?

The act of building gives us the confidence to believe in ourselves. When we believe in ourselves, our work, and others, we overcome self-doubt to achieve the unthinkable and unleash our own greatness.

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Build trust.
Renew dignity.
Unleash greatness.

How it works

Why build personal trust communities?

So many leaders and institutions focus narrowly on results, on wins and losses. But this framework negatively impacts equity, growth and, ultimately, our hope for building a better world.

I have a different framework: building trust. 

To be a good leader, you have to care about people—not just the bottom line. By focusing on human dignity and building trust among teams, we empower leaders to execute change and transform lives.


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